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Through its well-developed independent Aftermarket distribution and wholesale networks, Pilkington Automotive has a strong presence in Europe, Japan, North America, South America, and Asia. As a result, Pilkington Automotive is the world’s largest AGR distribution and wholesale company. In addition to glass, accessories such as urethane and tools are available, as well as technical assistance. Using Pilkington Automotive’s own distribution chains, Aftermarket buyers can purchase products directly from the company or through VM dealer networks.

Why Choose Pilkington Auto Glass?

The Pilkington car glass is always manufactured on manufacturer standards for OEMs, who define the standards for the cars. Because the Pilkington Corporation is the only global glass manufacturer that manufactures windscreens, sidelights, and backlights on the same production lines for both car builders and after-market customers, Pilkington glass has the highest quality standards. The car glass is an essential part of the body structure of motor vehicles (automobiles, vans, buses, and trucks). Quality control is in place for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to produce a well-fitting part, and they are considered to be high-quality producers.

Though the global glass market is currently booming, North American and European companies continue to manufacture original windshield glass in countries around the world. Some of the world’s most advanced glass manufacturing facilities are now in Latin America, Asia, and Africa as a result. Whether it’s purchased from “here” or “there,” what matters is whether it’s good. Is the firm you’re dealing with a major world supplier with OEM quality standards? Does the installer have the proper training to ensure your safety and the safety of your car? The answer to both questions is “yes.”

What makes Pilkington Automotive different from other automotive glass manufacturers?

Global operations are provided by Pilkington Automotive, with offices across Europe, Japan, North America, South America, China, and Malaysia. The company is a leader in computer simulations of advanced glazing technology. The float process was not the only innovation in automotive glazing that Pilkington Automotive developed. The company has also been involved in breakthroughs such as the following: The creation of a wraparound windshield, S-bend backlights, dark tint glass, solar reflective automotive glazing, full automobile glazing programs including encapsulation, extrusion, bond-on parts, and mechanical systems, and electrically heated filament windshields, for example.

Pilkington Sundym Select

Pilkington Automotive’s newest glazing innovation is Pilkington Sundym™ Select. Using Suspended Particle Device (SPD) technology, Pilkington Sundym™ Select laminated glazing allows the driver to control light levels in the vehicle. A simple switch allows for a quick transition from near complete darkness (1%) to almost clear glass (50%). Infrared reflective technology and enhanced ultraviolet protection are also featured on Pilkington Sundym™ Select, providing the highest level of solar protection ever available in any mass-produced vehicle glazing.

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