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Saint gobain windshield replacement

Our world is changing, and mobility is in profound transformation, impacted by digitalization, new lifestyles and new consumer habits for Saint Gobain Windshield.

For over 90 years, they have been pioneering the automotive market with breakthrough solutions to enhance the comfort and safety of drivers and passengers all around the world.

Facing the emerging demand of our customers and end-users for a renewed and sustainable mobility experience, we have been undergoing a fundamental transformation.

Today, they are far more than a glazing manufacturer. They are now a glazing systems and solutions provider, ready to pave the way for future mobility for windshield replacement.

Their journey is inclusive, so we invite all stakeholders of a better, safer and greener mobility, to join us in making every drive a great experience. At Saint-Gobain, They are convinced that companies must place their values at the heart of their business model and use all their weight in favour of responsible and sustainable development.

They are thus committed to creating usefulness at the center of our business and to participating in the sustainable development of the mobility marketIn the context of autonomous, electric and shared mobility, the glass inside the vehicle is valuable real estate for sharing information with passengersImagine a world in which you do not just look through your windshield, but it portrays valuable information about your whereabouts, points of interest in your surroundings or even acts as a screen to play media. Our Transparent Screen technology enables projection of information both inside and outside the vehicle while the transparency is never compromised.

Manufacture of Automotive Glazing

They offer full systems that integrate multiple functions in one piece of glazing through patented technologies and partnerships with external specialists. For this we are transforming flat glass in shaped glazing using in-house technologies that we carefully developed with internal Saint-Gobain partners.

We have a worldwide up-scaling capability of offering the right technology at the right place to ensure full customer satisfaction with Saint Gobain Windshield. All our technological developments are conducted with a carbon-neutral and zero non-valorized waste mindset.

Tempered Glazing

The “Securit” tempering process was discovered in Saint-Gobain’s laboratories in 1929, in the course of research undertaken at the request of the automobile industry. The process consists of strengthening the glass by very fast blast cooling (from 600 to 300° C in a few seconds) and is used to make automotive, building, and specialty flat glass. Raw glass can be clear or tinted in various shades.

Laminated Glazing

In 1909, the French chemist Edouard Benedictus, invented laminated glass. The process bonds two sheets of glass using a sheet of transparent plastic interlayer, producing a safety glass. If the glass is broken by an impact, the plastic interlayer retains the fragments and the glass cracks in the shape of a spider’s web.

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