Is Pilkington The Best Aftermarket Windshield Brand?

Best aftermarket windshield brand

The OEM specifications established by the car manufacturers are always followed in the production of Pilkington auto glass. The only glass manufacturer in the world, Pilkington, makes windscreens, sidelights, and backlights for both OEM and aftermarket customers in the same facilities and on the same manufacturing lines. This indicates that Pilkington Glass constantly adheres to the highest standards of quality.

The car glass is a crucial part of the body structure of all motor vehicles (automobiles, vans, buses, or trucks). OEMs are thought of as high-quality producers since they have the quality control necessary to create a part that fits perfectly.

Globalization is a process that does not exclude the glass sector. Many North American and European manufacturers have set up original windscreen glass production in numerous nations around the world. As a result, South America, Asia, and South Africa currently have some of the most modern factories for making innovative glasses.

It is “who” the glass is purchased from, not “where,” that determines its quality. Is it from a well-known, global provider that meets OEM quality standards? Is it being fitted by skilled professionals who understand how to safeguard both you and your vehicle, which is very crucial?

You can trust that any glass placed by Pilkington will be done correctly and will meet or exceed OEM requirements, which means it will be just as excellent as the original glass we are replacing.

Difference Between Pilkington Car Glass and A Copy

Original Glass


CAD Design


Numerical Bending Simulation


Machined Master Check Fixture


Made on OE Production line


OE Specification


Interlayer stored in a humidity-controlled clean room


Daily breakage tests


Automatic shape tests


Statistical Process Control


OE approval inks, heating, and adhesives


All components present (eg.- trims)

Often not

All features present (eg.- acoustic, extrusions)

Often not

CAD Design & Bending Simulation

In the mathematical simulation of glass bending and optical qualities, Pilkington is the industry leader. results in better optical quality and glass form. Simulators are not used by copy makers.

Aftermarket OE Standards

Some OE manufacturers have distinct plants and production lines for aftermarket glass. There are no “aftermarket” production facilities at NSG / Pilkington.

  • OE production lines provide all aftermarket glass.
  • One logo, one standard • OE check fixtures are utilized

Three times a day, every plant tests glass until it breaks.

Does it make a Difference?

Laboratory comparison between components from major copy maker and Pilkington OEM supplier

Glass Form

  • Compared to the OE CAD shape at 18 places, the deviation increases the risk of leakage, wind noise, and stress on the glass.

Laboratory Study

Edge Measurements (Size)

  • Compare edge measurements to CAD
  • Worst case: body contact and increased braking; deviation results in wind noise and fitting trouble;


  • Windscreen stresses were tested, and they have the potential to significantly increase stone chip breakage.

Optical Grade

  • European benchmark tests
  • Consumer displeasure and an increased risk of accidents are brought on by poor vision.


Glass is provided with OE-compliant, high-quality trimmings. Fitter avoids spending money on new trim purchases. Reduced returns due to improper fitment or appearance since the consumer receive a new trim in the proper location rather than the damaged old trim or a “Universal” trim that does not fit appropriately.

Noise Reduction

  • Is invisible, save for a tiny logo.
  • It can be determined by tapping a clear glass.
  • Widely utilized, particularly with diesel cars
  • Customers frequently do not associate increased noise with windscreen replacement

Heat Reflecting Windscreen

  • Solar heat is reflected off of the glass.
  • A typical feature on many autos.
  • On closer scrutiny, the feature is discernible.
  • Several installers substitute conventional green windscreens that are not original.
  • Windscreens with improper coating gaps will result in sensor failure.

Heated Windscreens

Many modern cars are inbuilt with this heated windshield feature. However copy versions often have the following issues:

  • Reduced heating power, resulting in very sluggish or incomplete defrosting.
  • Incorrect connectors, increasing the danger of malfunction or even fire hazard.
  • No connectors, increasing the possibility of faulty DIY connections and a fire hazard.

Heat Absorbing Interlayer

  • Windscreens have an invisible barrier that shields people within from the sun’s heat.
  • Only glazing experts can recognize it.
  • Provides more comfort while using less air conditioning.
  • Utilised in a few well-known cars, including the Zafira, Yaris, Caddy, and Berling.
  • Most copy-makers do not provide this. 
  • Unreliable fitters can install the wrong part with little likelihood of being discovered.

Encapsulation & Extrusion

  • Moldings made to glass using polymerized rubber for great adherence and strength. 
  • Using extrusions and encapsulations to attach glazing to vehicles. 
  • Duplicate trims have greatly diminished adherence and look. 
  • Glass may not properly stick to a vehicle in a collision.

Call a Professional

If you have any queries about your windshield, whether front or rear, kindly contact GlassFixit for the same. We are here to help.

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