7 Types of Windshield Cracks You Must Know About

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You’re driving a car. Suddenly, due to earthly reasons, your windshield cracks! A windshield provides around 45% support in a car. It is constructed to protect its passengers during accidents. Apart from providing structure, it offers a clear view of the road ahead as well. A crack or chip on your windscreen is always a disturbance. But you certainly can’t ignore it, as it could cause serious harm to your car. A windshield could crack due to poor installations, a sudden change in temperature, or even defective glass materials. The possibilities are endless. Also, unlike minor scratches that form on the car’s surface, cracks can compromise the overall structure of the car. 

Hence, you must get it repaired as soon as possible. It is vital to examine the possible types of cracks that could be formed on the windshield. By examining the type of crack, repairing the windshield proves to be a much familiar task for you. After all, glass being glass inevitably does break. So, let us guide you through the various kinds.

1. Stress Cracks – 

These types of cracks occur even when there is no external stimulus involved. It could arise due to factors like fall in temperature, humidity, etc.

2. Floater Cracks – 

A floater crack often extends across the length of the windscreen. It usually begins in the middle of the shield or around 2 inches away from its edge.

3. Edge Cracks – 

As the name suggests, edge cracks are formed within 2 inches of the screen’s rim. If proper care is not taken, such faults can extend to form longer and more dangerous ones. 

4. Dings – 

Cracks can also be formed due to contact of the glass with rocks or hard objects. Such cracks are called ‘Dings’. Dings can also be commonly referred to as ‘Star Cracks’. 

5. Bull’s eye crack – 

It is a type of crack whose impact results in a shape similar to that of a dartboard. The damage caused due to this is mostly circular in shape. 

6. Half-moon crack – 

This type is similar to a ‘Bull’s eye crack’, it just does not develop a complete circle. 

7. Combination Crack – 

Many-a-times, a pebble or rock hit the screen, causing a combination crack to form there. Thus, a combination of ‘star crack’ and ‘bull’s eye crack’ is created. 

Regardless of educating yourself about the variety of cracks, replacing the screen must be considered if the crack appears to be severe. Larger cracks are often difficult to repair and thus, require complete replacement. Moreover, it becomes easier to apprehend the intensity of the crack if it impairs the driver’s vision while driving. Temporary solutions to the cracks are available such as applying super glue or using DIY auto-repair kits. However, those solutions may not always be long term and as effective as getting it fixed by a professional. 

As technology improves in today’s generation, it has become easier to repair the laminated shield rather than replace it, which benefits the customer financially. To repair or replace it, solely depends on the customer’s preferences and the magnitude of the crack, too. Despite these tips, if you seem unsure, it is best to approach an advanced repair technician and seek their advice.

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