Slider glass is the name given to a type of automobile glass that is found on trucks and can be slid open like a door. Some types of truck slider windows are made of safety glass. These auto-glass windows are held in place by latches inside the vehicle.

Pickup truck windows are important safety components, as they allow drivers to see directly behind them. Additionally, they provide a cooling breeze on warm spring or summer days.


What are truck sliders?

The most common type of auto glass installed in pickup trucks is a truck slider. It is often referred to as a rear windshield because it provides a rear viewport for truck drivers whose passenger cabins are shorter than the typical passenger cabin of sedans, coupes, SUVs, and other vehicles.

Truck sliders also serve as a rear windshield, as they are fully contoured to the shape of the vehicle and have an aluminum frame that provides structural support to the truck cabin’s roof. However, truck sliders are typically sealed in with rubber seals that are air- and water-tight to keep out the elements.

On the rear of pickup trucks, you will see the sliding window. It can be clear or solar glass, depending on the driver’s preferences.


What are some features of truck sliders?

Truck sliders are customizable to fit each vehicle’s make and model. Customization comes from the number of panels the slider has and how many slide open to vent the truck, as well as how those panels are secured and latched.

Tri-panel truck sliders typically have a sliding window panel that opens to allow ventilation. Four-panel truck sliders have two windows that slide along the track and feature a design known as “duo-venting” that provides the widest possible opening.

Safety glass used in truck sliders can be customized, with drivers able to choose between the solar-tinted glass that helps reduce interior heat build-up or privacy tints.

Truck sliders are installed using urethane adhesives for a positive bond. When the sliding window on your truck is damaged, replacement is simple with rubber seals. If you have windshield damage that needs replacement or require side car window repair on your truck, call our technicians for prompt services.


Problems and Solutions Related to Truck Sliders

A sliding window on pickup truck rear windows is a nice feature. You get to enjoy the fresh air in warm months as the wind slips through the front windows and through the back. However, like other automobile windows, a slider can be damaged or stop functioning properly. Making sure you get a slider repaired is important because a damaged one can leave your vehicle vulnerable to theft or damage. This article takes a look at some of the common problems with pickup truck sliders and what may have to be done for them to be fixed:

1] Leakage in the truck’s slider window:

If you have an older vehicle, you may experience leaks in the slider glass when it rains. These leaking issues tend to start out small or slight at first, with just a drip here or there, but they usually get worse with time. The rubber seals around the sliding glass start to deteriorate with age and can contribute to problems with leaks. In most cases, these rubber seals can easily be replaced by an auto glass technician.

2] The slider window is jammed open or closed

If the glass in your slider becomes stuck, it is usually because of an issue with the guides that surround the glass. Modern trucks have a cutout where the glass slides back and forth. If these guides become even slightly off-kilter, it can affect how freely the slider moves back and forth. To prevent this issue, it is a good idea to lubricate the glides periodically to keep the glass moving freely. If you already have a jammed slider window, it is best to talk to an auto glass professional for repairs. Trying to force it open or closed can actually damage your glass!

3] Crack in the truck’s slider window

One of the most common problems with truck slider windows is damage to the glass. Such damage is usually caused by a direct hit or stress placed on the glass, such as when items fall against it. Obviously, if you discover a crack in your slider window, it is best to have it replaced by a professional as soon as possible to avoid further damage or risk of injury.



If you find any problem with your truck’s rear windshield or any auto glass for that matter, do not hesitate to contact us. We provide mobile services as well. You just tell us the place and time and we will be there.

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