Windshield replacements are required when a windshield has been damaged, such as from a crack or a stone chip. Windshield replacement is also needed when the windshield has become foggy and cannot be made clear again.

A windshield replacement is a process of replacing the glass in your car’s windshield. A cracked or chipped windshield will need to be replaced, while an older, foggy or otherwise damaged windshield may need to be replaced as well.

There are three types of windshields that can be used in your car: safety glass, laminated safety glass, and tempered safety glass. The type you choose will depend on your car’s make and model.

Easy tips to follow after a windshield replacement

To keep your new windshield in good condition, knowing how to take care of it after installation is the first step. There are a few easy tips that we recommend starting with, like keeping water off the windshield and avoiding parking under trees.

The first few hours after a windshield replacement is critical. Protect your new windshield by following these tips:

1] Patience before you drive your vehicle

Windshield adhesive is a strong chemical that holds the glass in place. It’s important to give it plenty of time to dry before driving, otherwise, it won’t create a seal and things might get messy! To ensure the best results, we recommend waiting to drive the car for at least one hour following installation. The technicians who install the new windshield will remind you on your way out.

Be careful when you first get into your car after the new windshield has been installed. At times, there may be shards of glass left behind from the old windshield. Usually, the technicians clean everything up inside the car and have a look at all these things, but it’s never wrong to be too careful right?

2] Clearance of the car from in and out

While the seal is drying, try not to touch it or move it. Make sure nothing sticks to it or hits against it for at least a day after installation. For the first 24 hours after installing your cover, make sure nothing touches the exterior of the car. You should also avoid placing the sunshade on the inside of your windshield and keep a clear dashboard.

3] Leave one window a little open

Sometimes, due to air pressure, there may be a reaction with the seal around car windows. In order to avoid such things from happening, it’s better to roll down the window just an inch. This can be done only on the first day of installation of the car windshield.

4] Avoid removing the retention tape

The technicians that will be replacing your car window shield, may use retention tapes, in order to hold the windshield moldings. This guarantees that the seal is protected from the outer elements, while it is drying. Though it may not make your car look great, you have no other choice other than to let the retention tape stay for a day or maybe two days after your car windshield has been replaced.

5] Do not go for a car wash

The new moldings are susceptible to damage or movement before they’re set. To ensure they don’t get damaged, avoid car washes using high-pressure water or power washers. You can definitely wash your car but just remember to do a normal handwash and do not stress on the new windshield that has been installed.

Since the adhesive is just setting down on the new windshield glass, try not to put unnecessary force or stress on it. You may gently close the doors of your car and avoid using roads that have a lot of bumps.

Windshield Replacement Experts in Your Area

It’s not much work to maintain your newly replaced car windshield glass. Just some minute things to avoid here and there. If you just take a little extra care, your car windshield glass can last a little longer than its lifetime. However, don’t hesitate to contact GlassFixit for the best windshield replacement service for your car. You definitely won’t regret it.

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