When you drive, you risk getting into an accident. Perhaps the most common accident is hitting a tree or another car, which may shatter your windshield. Or maybe you drive into a pole or some other stationary object that also cracks your windshield. Luckily, these accidents aren’t always life-threatening, but they can be expensive. Auto insurance covers the costs of repairs, but only up to your policy limit for glass coverage. If it’s not enough to cover the replacement cost of your windshield, you have to pay out of pocket or file a claim with your comprehensive insurance in order to get the rest paid for as well. Depending on where you live and how much driving you do, this could be a very costly situation. Fortunately, there are things we can do after a windshield replacement to reduce costs in the future if we need to get another one replaced again in the future.

1] Check Your Insurance Coverage

Your auto insurance coverage may change over time, so it’s important to stay up-to-date on what exactly you’re covered for. Additionally, make sure your policy is still active and that you aren’t dealing with an expired policy. You can check your coverage by contacting your insurance agent. It’s also worth noting that while your insurance may cover the cost of repairs after a windshield replacement, it may not cover the cost of the replacement itself. This means you may have to pay out of pocket for the new windshield.

2] Ask About Warranty

If your auto insurance company offers a warranty on the windshield replacement, it’s worth taking advantage of it. While most warranties are good for only a year or two, you may be able to extend it by making sure you use OEM glass as well as parts that meet or exceed DOT standards. You can also try to negotiate a longer warranty if you have a very compelling reason. For example, you could tell your insurance company that you drive for work and need to ensure you have a safe car.

3] Ask About Discounted Repairs

When you file a claim for a windshield replacement, your insurance company will send a contractor to do the repairs. You have the option to choose the contractor, but you also have the option to negotiate a lower price for the repairs. Most contractors have a standard price per square foot for glass repairs. You can use this information to negotiate a lower price.

4] Your car protection

You shouldn’t be getting your car washed for 48 hours minimum.
The blue tape that would be put on your windshield after replacement should not be removed for 48 hours. Once the 48-hour time span is completed, you can gently remove the tape.
The two front door windows should be rolled down for about half an inch for 48 hours so that the replacement gets fixed thoroughly.

P.S. Ignore the tapping sound that will be heard on the windshield. Once the tape is removed, the sound stops automatically.

5] Conclusion

After a windshield replacement, you’ll need to make sure you’re taking care of your car so that it lasts as long as possible. This includes checking the windshield wipers, cleaning the glass, getting an oil change, and having the car’s alignment checked. You’ll also want to check your insurance coverage and negotiate a lower price for repairs. By taking these steps, you can ensure that your car lasts as long as possible while also keeping costs low.

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