How To Reduce Glare On Your Car Windshield?

how to reduce glare on car windshield

Getting into your car in the morning is a struggle. Your head feels heavy, your eyes are bleary and you can’t seem to focus. You look out the window and glare makes it all worse. But you don’t have to live with it. There are ways you can reduce glare on your car windshield:

1. Wash the windshield regularly

One of the most effective ways to reduce glare on your windshield is by washing it regularly. Using a glass cleaner and microfiber cloth, lightly scrub any dirt or grime off of the glass. Then, use a squeegee to dry the windshield completely. This will help keep dirt and debris from accumulating on the glass and causing glare.

2. Apply a window tinting film

If you want to block out the sun from your car windshield, but don’t want to get a new tinted window installed, try applying a window tinting film. This type of film is easy to apply and can be applied on the inside or outside of your vehicle’s windshield. This will help you keep your car cool during hot days and protect against UV rays that can cause fading in fabrics and leather-based products.

The best part about this kind of product is that it comes in many different colors so you can choose what color works best with the style of your vehicle (or even match it with the rest of your vehicle’s interior). However, keep in mind that this may not work well if there are already scratches on your car’s windshield because they will show through as well as any dirt or fingerprints that get onto it once applied.

3. Clean your windows often

You can greatly reduce glare with a little elbow grease. First, you’ll want to use a non-abrasive cleaner (i.e., no abrasive paper towels or cloths) and make sure that you clean both the inside and outside of your windshield. The next step is to clean all windows regularly, at least once a week if possible—doing so will help prevent dirt from building up over time, which can cause even more glare than normal when it inevitably does come time for cleaning!

4. Use a windshield sun visor

A sun visor is a simple accessory that can help reduce glare on the windshield. When looking for the right one, look for one that has a dark or reflective material to block out light and keep your eyes from getting burned by bright sunlight. It should also be lightweight so it doesn’t become too heavy when you add it to your car’s accessories.

5. Apply a reflective film to block light to your car's windshield

If you’re not a fan of tinting your windshield, there is another option: applying reflective film to the inside of it. Reflective film is a thin, transparent plastic sheet that’s applied to the glass and reflects light away from the driver’s eyes. This helps reduce glare and eye strain in bright sunlight, which can make it easier to see through your windshield.

The benefits of applying reflective film to your car’s windshield include:

  • It can be removed when not needed (for example, if you’re going camping or driving at night).
  • It doesn’t cause any damage or leave marks on your glass after removal (unlike tinting).
  • It looks completely normal when applied correctly (similar to how window tinting looks on a regular car).


There are many ways to reduce glare on your car windshield. The best way is to use a windshield sun visor, but if you don’t have one then clean the windows often with soap and water. You can also apply reflective film to block light or apply a window tinting film which will help reduce the amount of light coming into your car through the window glass. To read more updates on cars, you can read articles on Car News World.

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