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Windshield repair

If your car has a damaged windshield, it’s important to get it fixed right away. Broken windshields can cause serious consequences, including damage to the vehicle and injury to passengers. Additionally, if your windshield is cracked, you’ll have trouble seeing out of the front of your vehicle.

The first step in repairing a windshield is to determine the extent of the damage. Next, you need to find out if your insurance company will cover the cost of repairs. Finally, you should schedule an appointment with a local auto glass repair shop as soon as possible.

Once you’ve made these preparations, you’re ready to get your windshield fixed. The sooner you get your car repaired, the less chance there is of further damage. If you wait too long, the situation could become even worse than it already is.

Get your windshield repaired with GlassFixit

You don’t need to worry about getting a ticket for driving with a broken windshield. Get your auto glass fixed with GlassFixit. We come to you and fix your car window at a convenient time.

Windshields are expensive, and not something you want to risk. Trust GlassFixit for your new windshield or repair today. We can replace your windshield with our Lifetime Warranty, guaranteed to be the lowest price in town!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my windshield needs to be replaced or repaired?

If your windshield has cracks that are smaller than a quarter, they can usually be repaired. However, any crack larger than that will require a full windshield replacement. It is important to note that every chip is unique and if you feel unsure about whether or not to replace your windshield, trust the decision to a professional.

How long does it take for a windshield repair or replacement?

The typical replacement takes around an hour, but since the urethane must set for two to four hours before you can drive away, total turnaround time is two to four hours.

How long does it take to install a car glass?

For most of the cases, installing car glass can be performed in 1 Hour 30 minutes or less.

Does insurance cover my windshield replacement or repair?

Yes, most auto repair insurers cover windshield replacement if you have comprehensive coverage on your policy. In few cases, deductibles are waived for windshield repairs

Where are your service centers located?

Our head office is located in Santa Clara

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Keep your car safe with Windshield Repair

Whether you’re a teen or a retiree, there are several reasons to keep your car in top shape. Windshield Repair is the quickest way to get back on the road without worrying about the integrity of your vehicle.

Windshield Repair and Customer Service

Windshield Repair is a service provided by GlassFixit to fix your windshield with the quality you need when you need it. When you need Windshield repair service, GlassFixit is there for you with no more than a phone call away.

Windshield repair
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Windshield Repair with GlassFixit is stress-free

Windshield Repair can be a stressful experience. With GlassFixit, you’ll have a stress-free experience from estimate to installation. Get started today!

One of the main benefits of having a windshield repaired is that it can keep you safe on the road. Windshields are designed to keep out small rocks and debris, so they are crucial for visibility. If your windshield is cracked or broken, it could lead to a crash if you aren’t careful. Plus, a cracked windshield can lead to serious damage to your car’s interior.

Another benefit of having a windshield repaired is that it will keep your car looking newer. A chip or crack in your windshield can make your car look older and more worn than it actually is, which can make you less likely to get a good deal on a new car when you sell your old one. This is especially true if you have extensive damage to the front end of your vehicle, like dents or significant scratches.

Lastly, having a windshield repaired is an easy way to save money. There are plenty of auto glass replacement companies out there that offer affordable rates for windshield repairs. You just need to know where to look and how to get started.

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Quick service at a reasonable price. I'm always down for quality and swiftness. Quote was given over the phone and finding parking at the location was easy. They also do mobile service but at a higher cost, makes sense for the convenience. Will use again if needed in the future.
Quick service and was the cheapest quote I got. Replaced Tesla model 3 windshield and was less than half what Tesla was charging me. Has a nice place with wifi to work. Suyog was quick to respond on txt for appointment etc.
They open on Sunday!!! Just got my driver rear window replaced. Fair price, good service and customer service, thanks Suyog! Called to get a quote, came and waited for them to work on my car for like an hour and done, good to go! Their waiting room is very clean and spacious, that's a plus! Thanks guys and will come again when needed 👍🏻
Amazing customer service! I called around 12+ businesses and no one beat their price. On top of that they replaced my front windshield same day in less than an hour. That included the calibration. I totally recommend this business. If I need any other auto glass repair they will be the first place I will call.
The price is reasonable but the worksmanship is questionable. I came in with a rock chip repair. The owner greeted me and explained to me what the process would be like and it would take around 20 minutes to complete. He explained that the chip will not be concealed and is meant to only stop the cracks from spreading further. Sure enough the repair was done on time and the glass felt fine. I did find it odd that the repair was much quicker than other places informed me. Chip was just as visible as before but not a big deal since that was forewarned (unmarked photo) Today, around 2 weeks, the crack split further (indicated in red in the photo). I'm definitely disappointed and will likely just get the entire windshield replaced.

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