Infrared Windshields: What They Are And Why Your Car Needs Them


Just because the summer sun may be sizzling, it doesn’t mean your car needs to be hot too. Aside from being uncomfortable, so can the heat affect the performance and longevity of your vehicle, particularly when it comes to your car’s mileage or air conditioning system. To resolve this issue, consider installing an infrared glass windshield. An infrared glass windshield is not only a great solution to reducing the heat your car accumulates, but can also serve as a great remedy to protecting the overall quality of your vehicle.

What is Solar Glass or Infrared Windshield Glass?

Infrared windshield glass, also known as solar glass, is responsible for tackling all your car-heat-related issues. Solar glass reduces the amount of heat accumulated by your automobile by absorbing and reflecting heat. It can also reduce glare by filtering out unwanted light, as well as can block away harmful light rays like Ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared (IR) light. One can identify if a car carries an infrared windshield by the purple tint that can be spotted when viewed from the outside.

How Does Infrared Glass work?

Infrared glass consists of two sheets of glass with two plastic interlayers: polyvinyl-butyrl (PVB), which is responsible for maintaining the windshield’s strength, and a solar-layer, which protects the windshield from 99% of UV and IR rays. To the naked eye, IR glass may appear transparent because it filters away the infrared waves from the sunlight, while still being able to let in visible light, giving an almost “invisible” quality to the windshield. 

IR glass reduces heat as it reflects the energy from IR and UV rays back into the atmosphere. As a consequence, IR windshield glass can reduce a car’s temperature by up to 10 degrees Fahrenheit, or 12 degrees Celsius.

What are the Benefits of Having an IR Glass Windshield?

After installing an IR glass windshield, one can immediately detect a difference in their car’s temperature. Long will be the days when having to open your car door would mean to be greeted by an unwanted whiff of hot air. 

As IR glass windshields can reduce heat, so can they help increase cabin comfort. While IR glass reflects any prospective heat, it can also by consequence help protect a car’s leather seats, steering wheel, and additional accessories from melting or wearing down. 

Likewise, by cooling down the inside of one’s car, so can an IR glass help prevent the uncomfortable experience of burning one’s skin when touching any leather or plastic compartments.

Moreover, so can IR glass help protect the longevity of any tech appliances or radios installed within one’s vehicle. Overheating any tech or radio appliance can affect how a gadget works, particularly when it comes to the item’s reception. With IR glass, one can rest assured that no appliances will be damaged by the heat, nor will their reception be interrupted.

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