What is an automotive rain sensor?

automotive rain sensor

The automotive rain sensor is a car accessory that helps drivers to detect the amount of rainfall on the windshield.

What are windshield rain sensors?

Rain sensors function by detecting moisture on the windshield. They have a mechanism that triggers when it detects moisture, which in turn activates the wiper blades to wipe off that area of your windshield. The sensor can be installed by itself or as part of a larger system that also includes heaters and defrosters.

Is it needed in cars and other vehicles?

Yes, it is a safety feature. It helps the driver see through the windshield during rain. It is not required by law, but it’s a good idea to have it because it can improve visibility on rainy days and make driving safer. In most countries, however, rain sensors are not considered necessary legal equipment for vehicles.

How does the automotive rain sensor work?

The rain sensor is a device that detects raindrops on your windshield and triggers the wipers to start. The sensor is located in the wiper motor, and it’s a simple device that detects water on your windshield. It’s small but effective at its job: detecting water droplets on your windows so that you can keep your eyes on the road ahead of you without having to worry about getting wet when driving through inclement weather.

Do all vehicles have it by default?

No, not exactly.
Some vehicles come with this feature as standard, while others are available as an optional feature (additional cost) and still others may not have rain-sensing wipers at all. If you don’t currently have them on your vehicle and would like to add them, you can do so through an aftermarket kit or by having the feature installed professionally by a mechanic (either way will require replacement parts).


In summary, an automotive rain sensor is a device that is able to detect when it’s raining and then activate certain features in your car. It can be found in cars that are equipped with automatic wipers or windshield washers as well as other types of vehicles such as motorbikes or trucks. The cost of these sensors varies depending on what kind of vehicle you have but an average price range would be anywhere from $40-$100.

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