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Carlite auto glass windshield replacement

Carlite Windshield Replacement

We know you love your Ford vehicle and understand the name on the glass matters. When looking for a Carlite Auto Glass replacement windshield, choose the one with the Ford logo – the one that maintains the original look and feel of your vehicle.

Their logo Windshields will fit, perform, and look the way Ford intended them to. Rest assured when you replace your windshield with the original Logo part, it will restore the look you’ve come to appreciate and the personality it brings to your F-150, Super Duty, Mustang, or Ranger. It’s not just a logo, it’s the part designed for your vehicle. “The name on the glass matters!”

The Importance of Original Equipment Glass

  • Original Equipment Glass – A Clear Difference
  • ADAS Collision Report
  • ADAS Camera Calibration After Windshield Replacement
  • Carlex ADAS Training

Truck Sliders

  • Carlex Sliders deliver proven benefits that the knock-offs can’t touch at power window.

Superior fit and finish:

  • Made by OE manufacturers to OE specs
  • Offered in OE colors including solar green tint; never a color mismatch
  • Smooth, seamless encapsulation – no visible seams or sharp edges
  • Far better than aftermarket offerings for size, shape, appearance, durability and leak resistance

Safety and security:

  • Tested in Ford vehicles for crashworthiness
  • OE-designed latches are more dependable and last longer than aftermarket latches
  • Deter theft with a latch that locks tight every time and deny an easy access point

Correct Installation

  • Minimizes “come backs” because it’s installed right the first time
  • Installed the same as the original part; no drilling into the pinch weld is ever required
  • Features replaceable center sliders in case of breakage or damage; this is next to impossible with aftermarket units

No leaks or wind noise:

  • Encapsulation conforms the slider frame to the pinchweld contours, locking out water and wind noise
  • Double-lipped seals fully protect against water leaks
  • Carlite-recommended foam core butyl tape reduces frame stress and provides a better seal than aftermarket alternatives


  • SoundScreen® acoustic windshields and doors are specifically engineered performance parts installed in nearly all Ford and Lincoln models – canceling noise surrounding your vehicle and improving your overall experience within your vehicle.
  • These factory installed auto glass or original equipment parts reduce road, wind and other exterior noise to maintain the original quiet ride of your vehicle.
  • When replacing your broken windshield or door glass, don’t sacrifice performance or comfort! Maintain the ride you’ve come to expect with SoundScreen acoustic glass… it’s quietly exceeding expectations!
  • Hear the difference of Carlite Auto Glass.
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