Your windshield could get cracks or chips due to a number of reasons. This is definitely a nightmare for the car owner as getting a windshield fixed or repaired is no cheap task. This requires quite a lot of money. Hence, before deciding whether your windshield needs an entire replacement or not, make sure that you are aware of the intensity of the crack/ chip. If the crack appears to be severe, then you must consider getting it replaced, for your safety. If not, you must get it repaired, otherwise it could impair the driver’s vision while travelling and possibly lead to accidents. In countries like India, congested roads demand good and clear visibility.

Can you get your windshield replaced or repaired without insurance?

The cost of replacing the windshield without insurance can be justified by the material of the glass and its significance in providing security to the drivers and passengers within the car. Many people may question whether they can replace the windshields without insurance. The simple answer is ‘yes’. Typically, the replacement cost of a standard windshield ranges between $100 and $400 depending on various factors. In all honesty, the cost for windshield replacement even without insurance is lesser than the potential accidents or mishaps that could occur if not much attention is paid to the crack or defected windshield. Now, if you DO NOT have a car insurance, it is understood that you will be required to pay for the damage from your own pocket.

Your damage could be covered if someone else crashes your car and they are at fault in such cases. The cost could also be covered if someone else breaks your windscreen and you file a claim. A major advantage when it comes to windshield repair or replacement is that its refurbishing is cheaper than the other vehicle parts. But again, this depends on the brand of the car and quality of the glass.

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You can always contact the professionals at Glassfixit and acquire a price quote from us. We provide reasonable prices and work with you to help you understand how much a windshield replacement actually costs and repair it without an insurance.

Windshield chip repair: Another affordable solution would be to simply get a chip repair. A windshield chip repair must be amended before it turns into a crack, in that case, the windshield will need complete replacement. A crack over six inched can be a threat to your safety as well as an impairment to the driver’s eye sight.

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So, don’t have insurance? There is absolutely no need to worry. GlassFixit can help you get your best price on your windshield repair or replacement without the auto glass coverage by your insurance policy. We make sure that your car receives our high-class services even without the insurance coverage. Contact us today and bid your price cost!

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