How To Tell If The Windshield Is Installed Correctly?

How To Tell If Windshield Is Installed Correctly: 6 Signs

When you get your windshield replacement done, you want to be absolutely sure that your new auto glass is fixed right. A trustworthy installer will use the proper technique and follow manufacturer guidelines. But what if they make a mistake during the replacement? Unfortunately, when the car windshields aren’t installed in the proper manner, it puts both your safety and the integrity of your windshield at risk. The windshield helps maintain the structure of your vehicle, preventing roof collapse in the event of an accident.

Below are six signs that you can see if your windshield hasn’t been installed correctly:

1. The Old Adhesive

Before installing a new windshield, the old adhesive is usually scrapped off and then the new adhesive is then installed. If the technician has added the new adhesive over the old one, and then fixed the new windshield, your windshield isn’t going to be weather-proof anymore.

2. Windshield Sides Poking Out

If the edges of the windshield don’t fit perfectly within the frame, it is obvious that the technician hasn’t installed it right. Maybe the windshield size is not the perfect match for your car.

3. Hearing the wind

You are on the road, driving on the highway and you hear this whooshing sound of the wind through the windshield; isn’t that irritating? Your first glance will obviously be on the window to see whether you’ve left that open. However, if you hear the whistling sound from the front windshield, then you know you have a major problem.

4. Hearing Rattling Noises

When you go over a bump, if your windshield makes a rattling or shaky noise, you will definitely know that the windshield has not been installed correctly by the technician. So its always better to go for a test drive and check the fixing of the windshield before you make your final payment.

5. Wavy Glass

When taking your car out of the windshield replacement center, if you cannot see through the windshield clearly, if it looks bumpy, then it’s possible that the windshield installer has used a low-quality windshield on your car. However, if the view from your windshield is clear as crystal glass, then you’ll know that the windshield installation job has been done perfectly.

6. Leakage

After the windshield installation, if you take your car out for a wash, and you see water leaking through the windshield edges or that the water is seeping through the windshield, you will have to go back to the technician to show the improper installation of the windshield.

Signs during installation

To ensure that a windshield replacement adheres to your vehicle’s frame and seals properly, the technicians who installed it should have worn gloves. If they didn’t, oils from their hands may have transferred onto the glass. That can weaken the adhesive’s bond between the glass and your vehicle, resulting in air and water leaks. In a worst-case scenario, a weak bond can allow your windshield to pop off the frame of your vehicle, exposing you and your passengers to serious danger.

If the installers gave you the instructions to drive as soon as the windshield was replaced, then it is likely that your windshield wasn’t installed correctly. This is because the used adhesives for securing the windshield require a few hours to harden and dry. So if you drive your vehicle immediately, even the smallest bump will cause the windshield to shift from its original fixation.

Safe Windshield Replacement

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