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Audi R5 Windshield repair

Audi is one of the top-most luxury car brands all over the world, which designs mainly premium cars. Apart from luxurious sedans, Audi also offers SUVs and sports cars worldwide. Other than its commendable performance, it consists of a plush, deluxe, and cutting-edge technology such as the Audi AI, and driving assist for Audi Windshield Replacement.

Potential Side Effects of Having a Damaged Audi Windshield

As a highly classy vehicle, it undoubtedly requires continual checking and maintenance. This applies to the windshields as well.

Glass damage is never expected; it usually occurs due to unfortunate events. It can be said with confidence that even the most expensive cars can bear cracks or chips on windshields. If your windscreen is damaged, it won’t be able to protect you during a car crash the way it should. Getting it repaired as soon as possible is important for safety. This could eventually lead to major mishaps in the future or even complete destruction of the windscreen. 

If not addressed in time, safety functions like the airbags could be neglected in their use, hence, increasing the risk of more injury during an accident. Such instances will prove extremely harmful to the driver. Whether it is a chip or a crack, you must get it addressed by an expert. For carrying out car window repair, windshield replacement, our brand only uses top-notch facilities.

Audi Windshield Services

A windshield, like any other part of the car, is an integral element. Thus, it is understood that a cracked windshield on an Audi calls for urgent addressing by our professionals. All Audi components have a standard ‘one-year warranty’. In the cars like Audi A3 and Audi A4, technological components like the rain sensors and other driver assistance systems are dependant on the windshield. For this purpose, it is necessary to get it checked. For repairing the windshield, we use high quality resin to strengthen the windshield and make it as good as new, without compromising on the value of the model.

What does GlassFixit have to offer?

Our advanced technological assistance is beneficial for the better treatment of the windshield and other components as well. Whether you must get it replaced or not, you can count on the experts here at ‘GlassFixit’ to assist you in examining your damaged windshield and tending to it with utmost care and safety. Our trained professionals have years of experience in this field and you can trust us with your Audi. Our extensive network can successfully help you receive our hassle-free services.

Audi Windshield Replacement Cost

Naturally, depending on the intensity of the crack or chip, the final cost will vary. Typically, a replacement does cost more than the repair. One can also note that additional costs could also affect the overall price. The additional costs being reinstalling the driver assistance system and recalibrating the sensors. At most times, a complete replacement is the viable answer to the damaged windscreen, to provide further complications. However, if the chip is smaller than 6 inches, repairing the windshield is an available option as well. 

Our Services

Windshield Repair

You don’t need to worry about getting a ticket for driving with a broken windshield. Get your auto glass fixed with GlassFixit. We come to you and fix your car window at a convenient time.

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Windshield Replacement

Windshield damage doesn’t have to be a major hassle. Our network of auto glass shops can replace your windshield quickly and efficiently so you’re back on the road in no time.

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Windshield Chip Repair

GlassFixit is an auto glass repair company that provides fast and affordable auto glass services. We offer windshield chip repair, window replacement, window tinting, and other car glass services throughout Santa Clara County.

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Windshield Calibration

Windshield calibration ensures your view from the driver seat is accurate. Our technicians will come to you to calibrate your windshield at a fraction of the cost.

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Truck Windshield Repair And Replacement

Get your truck windshield repaired or replaced by GlassFixit, the most reliable auto glass repair and replacement service center in Santa Clara County.

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Truck Back Window Replacement

Truck Back Window Replacement is a service provided by GlassFixit company where they provide the complete back window replacement of the truck and make it look like a new one.

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Quarter Glass Repair

You don’t have to take your car in for a whole new paint job—get your car looking brand new with quarter glass repair. That’s because Quarter Glass Repair is provided by GlassFixit, which will give you a free estimate so you can get your vehicle back on the road.

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Sunroof repair

Windshield damage doesn’t have to be a major hassle. Our network of auto glass shops can replace your windshield quickly and efficiently so you’re back on the road in no time.

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Car Window Repair

Car window repair by GlassFixit can be done while you’re at work or on the go! The mobile-only services allow you to get your car fixed without leaving the comfort of your own home.

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Car Door Glass Replacement and Repair

We at GlassFixit realize how hazardous broken vehicle glass can be. We provide automotive glass repair service to keep drivers like you safe and on the road. Choose GlassFixit for car door glass replacements if you need them.

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Vent Window Glass Replacement

Get your vent windows repaired by GlassFixit, the most reliable auto glass repair and replacement service center in Santa Clara County.

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Power Window Repair

Whether you need power window repair, replacement of your broken window or a new door, GlassFixit is the company to call. Our team of skilled professionals will get your power windows back in working order.

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What Our Clients have to say

Quick service at a reasonable price. I'm always down for quality and swiftness. Quote was given over the phone and finding parking at the location was easy. They also do mobile service but at a higher cost, makes sense for the convenience. Will use again if needed in the future.
Quick service and was the cheapest quote I got. Replaced Tesla model 3 windshield and was less than half what Tesla was charging me. Has a nice place with wifi to work. Suyog was quick to respond on txt for appointment etc.
They open on Sunday!!! Just got my driver rear window replaced. Fair price, good service and customer service, thanks Suyog! Called to get a quote, came and waited for them to work on my car for like an hour and done, good to go! Their waiting room is very clean and spacious, that's a plus! Thanks guys and will come again when needed 👍🏻
Amazing customer service! I called around 12+ businesses and no one beat their price. On top of that they replaced my front windshield same day in less than an hour. That included the calibration. I totally recommend this business. If I need any other auto glass repair they will be the first place I will call.
The price is reasonable but the worksmanship is questionable. I came in with a rock chip repair. The owner greeted me and explained to me what the process would be like and it would take around 20 minutes to complete. He explained that the chip will not be concealed and is meant to only stop the cracks from spreading further. Sure enough the repair was done on time and the glass felt fine. I did find it odd that the repair was much quicker than other places informed me. Chip was just as visible as before but not a big deal since that was forewarned (unmarked photo) Today, around 2 weeks, the crack split further (indicated in red in the photo). I'm definitely disappointed and will likely just get the entire windshield replaced.

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